Happy 2022!

Happy Yang Water Tiger Year

Heaven is covered with constellations, Earth with waterways, and man with channels.

Yellow Emperor’s Classics of Medicine

I don’t know about you, but I am so glad to see the two Metal element years behind us. I find this New Year rather exciting and I hope you don’t mind me sharing some of my thoughts and research on what we just left behind and what’s to come. We all were subjected to metals controlling nature, its Yin tendency towards introversion, contraction and containment. Metal governs Lungs and emotion is grief. Let’s hope all that is behind us now.  

Goodbye to the Year of the Metal Ox!  Welcome, to the Year of the Water Tiger!

Tigers are smart, fierce and brave animals. They curry the bold Yang energy of the Wood element thus are vibrant and full of life. The Tiger represents Spring and new beginnings. Dream big this year, set daring goals and make it all happen for you and community around you. The year of the Tiger will offer the confidence and support you need to make it happen. Some of the Tiger qualities you can attract this year: dynamic, bold, pioneering, unpredictable, creative, passionate, determined, sociable yet often prefers to be on their own.

Water is the element of the year and is traditionally associated with the colour black, thus 2022 is called a Black Tiger year. The water energy brings in some Yin and mysterious aspects to this forward leaping energy. The nature of water is to flow and accept changes. Water influence on tiger could bring more quite, thoughtful, revealing, wisdom seeking energies. Water also represents deep emotions and fear. For some this could mean to conquer your fears and go for your goals, for others it might signal a need to manage emotion by connecting to the earth and grounding, as it is the Earth that controls the Water.

From TCM five element perspective Water is a mother of Wood thus many Chinese astrologists seem to agree that the coming year will be dominated by the Wood energy more than Water or the controlling Metal. In other words, Water energy will feed the energy of Wood Tiger of going forward, growth, innovation, creativity and expansion. Yet, in contrast to past years, there seems to be too little of Metal energy this year. Metal controls Wood. If uncontrolled it can feed the Fire energy and, in particular, during the summer months this could fire up things out of balance.

The emotion of Wood is anger and when it is out of balance it can lead to irritability or even explosive attitudes. The colour of the Wood is green, so many suggest that the year will be dominated by the black (Water) and green (Wood) colours in fashion.

In health, the Wood element is associated with the Liver and Gallbladder, and the main pathogen is Wind. Wind in TCM is seen as the evillest of all pathogens as it curries with it all the other pathogens. So, lets be aware of this. We can not stop the external winds and astrology would suggest that this will be a windy year! But we could try minimise our exposure to the wind as much as possible. Also look out for increase in Wind related pathologies such as strokes, infections, headaches, tremors and skin diseases. If you do already suffer from any of these Wind related disorders do see an acupuncturist so that wind can be cleared before it is aggregated.  

Liver is easily affected by stress, alcohol and over consumption of bad fats and sugar. This would suggest that this year we should minimise stress, drinking and bad diet, and increase exercise routines and relaxation. Swimming is especially beneficial as it is a Water year. Too much doing and stress all can affect Liver that in turn can over act on digestive system that could suffer this year. Overactivity also affects the Water element or the kidney system. This would imply that we should seek the balance between lively exercise and calm reflection practices. If you love running, try also meditations or Qi Gong. At TCM Practice we also offer Yin TuiNa massage that could be very beneficial for those whose Yang is fleering up. Come and see us!

The Kidneys store our Jing, or Vital Essence and govern reproduction, produce bone marrow, and influence growth and development. With these energies of forward moving Tiger and nourishing Water, the Tiger year would seem to be an ideal time to conceive!!!

Why not take action this year!?! Act decisively and potently as a Tiger!

And finally, there is always a way to read a future by looking at the past. Chinese Zodiac is arranged in 60 years cycle that consists of a rotation of 12 Year zodiac animals and the five elements. The last time we had a Yang Water Tiger year was 1962. Have a look yourselves what Wikipedia has to say about it but in short: Cuban missile crises, Algeria proclaims independence from France and uncountable crashes of planes, trains and space rockets. Buckle up everyone!


In a spirit of the Tiger, we are happy to anounce that from February 8th, 2022, every Tuesday afternoon, you can find us in our new clinic at AcuE8. It is a bright and spacious contemporary space and lots of offers are currently available! Looking forward to seeing you in the New Year!

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